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Ileru atunlo Zinc Petele Iwọn nla
Ileru atunlo Zinc Petele Iwọn nla

Ileru atunlo Zinc Petele Iwọn nla

This furnace is designed for recycling of scrap Tungsten Carbide by molten zinc process. It is a horizontal vacuum furnace.

Pe wa

Išẹ giga
The Zinc remain ratio is greatly improved versus conventional methods.

Automation & control
The control system takes into account both integrated control and operational maneuverability.
Control is fully automatic for unattended operation also with semi-automatic and manual operating modes.
Adopts user-friendly computer interface, easy operation.
Minimal maintenance design
The unit is designed for years of rugged service with minimal maintenance required. All periodically-maintenance items are easily removable and replaceable.


● This Zinc Furnace is divided into two sections. The front section is the heating zone where carbide is roasted in molten Zinc. The rear zone contains receptor crucibles where Zinc condensed.
● In practice, the rear receptor crucibles are pre-loaded with carbide scrap, and are then transferred to the front zone for the next cycle.



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