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Ga konge wiwọn Graphite Box alapapo ileru
Ga konge wiwọn Graphite Box alapapo ileru

Ga konge wiwọn Graphite Box alapapo ileru

The sintering furnace, with graphite heating elements, achieves heat treatment in vacuum or gas atmosphere. It can be applied in dewaxing, sintering, degassing, brazing, heat treatment, etc., and is mainly used for dewaxing and sintering of cemented carbides.

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High temperature-uniformity


The temperature uniformity of high-pressure heating zone is ensured by adopting three independent heaters with properly distributed power. Heater circuit insulation resistance detection system enables timely detection of heating system failure.


Precise measurement & control


Adopt high-precision measurement technology to ensure the pressure, temperature, flow and other parameters under precise control. Equipped with comprehensive data backup function. Support remote control, remote diagnosis and system maintenance.


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A graphite box is adopted to enable dewaxing in differential pressure and to keep the hearth clean. DMF’s patented high-efficiency wax collector minimizes pollution of vacuum pump unit.

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