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Eto Iboju Fọwọkan Ti Itutu Apo Gbẹ Giga Aifọwọyi Ati Agbara Igbala Agbara Miiran Tẹ Aimi
Eto Iboju Fọwọkan Ti Itutu Apo Gbẹ Giga Aifọwọyi Ati Agbara Igbala Agbara Miiran Tẹ Aimi

Eto Iboju Fọwọkan Ti Itutu Apo Gbẹ Giga Aifọwọyi Ati Agbara Igbala Agbara Miiran Tẹ Aimi

Suitable for powder forming in cemented carbide, ceramics, magnetic material industries, etc.

Pe wa

● Product diameter    3mm - 110mm
● Max pressure       200 MPa
● Structures   
a.integral cylinder structure
b.pre-stressed steel wire winding cylinder structure (for higher pressure and larger diameter products)
● Pneumatic/hydraulic control mode, safety blasting valve, manual relief valve, mechanical pressure gauge and high-pressure sensor can all be well set to ensure the safe and efficiency of DBCIP.
● Operating Mode: automatic and manual (pressing parameters can be set via touchscreen, with password protection)

● Advantages of DBCIP
Efficiency     Safety     Quality
a.Contributing the automatic batch production, reducing the labors, improving production efficiency and cutting down the production cost.
b.Simple loading process, getting pressure rapidly and saving forming time.  Compared with traditional CIP that has to work together with emulsion medium, DBCIP can save 40%~60% forming time.
c.Monitoring the stress and deformation of high-pressure components, eradicating vicious accidents.
d.Automating the whole process from loading to demoulding, with high efficiency and stable quality, avoiding the medium pollution of traditional CIP, being more suitable for batch production.
e.Both high density and uniformity of the powder blank ensures the straightness and roundness of the product, thus to reduce the processing time, reduce the sintering shrinkage and reduce the deformation.
f.Pressure increasing speed, pressure holding time, pressure value, pressure decreasing speed can be set as per technical requirement. It's also available for multi-pressure section process, pressure curve displaying, pressure curve storing, and pressure curve exporting.
g.Especially good at making the long bars or pipes that traditional press can not.
h.Products made by DBCIP can achieve higher strength, better processability and lower internal stress.
i.Save the cost of raw material on forming the larger products with the smaller machining allowance.
j.DBCIP can keep running at lower power capacity, which saves the electricity cost and protects the environment.
k.Easy to make the mould with longer lifespan and lower cost.

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